EDNA HEALY · MFT              

Compassion  Kindness Clarity           

Potential Benefits
  • Experience peace and calm within you even when your outer world is busy and stress filled.  Help you feel better about yourself and being in the world
  • Increase self-esteem, confidence, clarity and happiness and decrease anxiety and depression, Feel more confident, more hopeful
  • Heal from experiences that have been painful (both current and past) that are impacting the quality of your life and relationships today
  • Help you to be able to identify what you feel and what your needs are and be able to express those feelings and needs when you want to
  • Strengthen your ability to resolve conflicts in a way that feels good to you Cope more effectively with your own frustrations, identify and express your anger productively Develop ways of coping with other people's anger (as well as other emotional states you find difficult to be with)
  • Improve communication and deepen intimacy, feelings of connection, in your relationships
  • Learn to set boundaries and respond when your boundaries are violated
  • Understand the reasons the same types of problems and patterns keep showing up in your relationships and find healing
  • Grieve losses - whether they are recent or from the distant past it can help to have support
  • Quiet your self-critical voice, be more gentle and understanding with yourself, find and heal the roots of your negative voice. Learn how to show the same kind of caring and compassion you can bring to others to yourself.  I believe we all have the innate capacity to bring empathy to others and ourselves but for some, because of what we have experienced, it has been obscured
  • Provide a place where you can be honest about yourself, your relationships, your experiences and be met with compassion and non-judgment
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