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Compassion  Kindness Clarity           

What is Psychotherapy?

As I practice it psychotherapy involves compassion, empathy, problem-solving and support. It is a process that helps you connect to your strengths and look at areas in your life where you face challenges. In an atmosphere of compassion, non-judgment, clarity and caring emotional safety and trust can be created. From this place we can explore the areas of your life where you struggle, provide a safe space for the expression of your feelings and look at beliefs that block you from living the life you want. Therapy can help you become aware of and stop repeating painful patterns in relationships.

When you're not happy with your reactions to people and events therapy can help you understand where your reactions come from and bring healing to those places, creating the space for different responses and choices to emerge.

Psychotherapy is a unique relationship where you can experience kindness and non-judgment even for those places (experiences, feelings, thoughts, beliefs) that live inside you that seem scary to disclose.

It’s a relationship where you can experience empathy, support and kindness as you share your life experiences – helping you unfold your true self - opening to the caring, clarity, wisdom and compassion that resides within you.

Holistic, Somatic and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

These are approaches that take a holistic view of healing.  Instead of looking at individuals as their pathology (taken from the western medical disease model) there's something wrong with you, we'll figure out what that is and  fix it  - a holistic perspective holds that humans are interconnected, inter-dependent creatures coping the best way we can with the struggles we face.   Sometimes the way we have leaned to cope doesn't work for us anymore and may create suffering in other areas of our lives.  This is when it may be helpful to reach out for support.

Transpersonal psychology emphasizes that we are more than our humanness, that spirit (however you view that i.e. god, goddess, nature, higher power etc.) can play a transformative role in how we experience ourselves and our life.  My belief is that we each have an essential self - that there is more to us than the pain or trauma we have or are experiencing.  It is not required or expected that you have any religious or spiritual belief to participate in therapy.  If you do find connection through spirituality I support you in bringing that into your healing process and daily life.

Somatic psychology emphasizes focusing our awareness inside our bodies for an exploration and identification of what is getting in the way of living the life we want.  Some people find that they get stuck in their head (thinking or constantly analyzing things) or they have a great amount of insight but are still unhappy and don't feel relief from their anxiety, depression or trauma experiences - a somatic approach offers a different way of healing.  Somatic therapy and mindful awareness can help you connect to the wisdom within you.   

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