EDNA HEALY · MFT              

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Who Comes To Therapy and Why?

People from all walks of life come to therapy including individuals from all socio-economic levels, from diverse cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds, members of the LGBTQ community. We all have problems and need support at different points in our lives. Some people have friends, family members, clergy, or spiritual teachers that offer support, other people do not.  At times we may feel we have exhausted our outside resources (or simply just want more support) and consider getting support from someone whose sole purpose is to be there for us - a therapist.  Psychotherapy is a place where you don’t have to worry if you’re talking “too much” about your problems. Sometimes the events that are bothering us are too personal and vulnerable to share with friends or family or perhaps it’s our struggle with our relationship with friends or family members that is part of the reason we are seeking other support.

Why do people come to therapy? To feel better, happier, more alive, confident, increase self-esteem to name a few. It’s a process that is very personal and individual and can help in many ways depending on what your experiences are and what you are wanting for yourself. It can be helpful to think about what it is you want from therapy, if you could wave a magic wand and your life was just the way you wanted it … What would that look like? How would you feel? What would your relationships be like? What would you be doing for work? How would you be in the world, with family and friends?

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