EDNA HEALY · MFT              

Compassion  Kindness Clarity           

About Edna

My personal healing journey started in my early twenties.  It marked the beginning of looking at how experiences in my family, school, and culture influenced the way I felt and what I thought and believed about myself, my relationships, and what was possible for me to achieve.  I began to see how my career aspirations, personal relationships and my life in general reflected both the strengths and struggles I had experienced growing up. I participated in many personal/spiritual growth workshops, trainings, and in my own therapy. Through this healing process I was able to develop skills that supported me in living life with more joy, connection, authenticity and compassion, and less anxiety and indecision.  Part of this process included my coming out as a lesbian.

I hold an undergraduate degree in Economics and worked for many years in the corporate world in the technology field.  I enjoyed the benefits of being in this field and used the skills I learned in therapy and through other alternative healing methods to cope with the challenges I experienced in that field.  My strong desire to help others led me to start a part-time alternative healing practice primarily working with survivors of abuse utilizing visualizations, integrative breathwork, reiki and other healing modalities.

Approaching the end of my thirties I decided to make a career shift in order to pursue work that felt more in alignment with who I am and how I wanted to experience life.  While I already acquired some tools to support people I wanted to expand my knowledge so that I could better assist others in their healing process. I wanted to share with others what I had discovered - that it is possible to be in a stressful work situation and maintain (or regain) balance, that  there are ways to decrease anxiety and increase self-esteem, that relationship skills can be learned and there can be healing for old wounds and trauma.  Making a career shift was in a sense a  "starting over" for me.  It  provided me with a deep felt sense and appreciation for the challenges people face while engaged in a career shift and for some individuals how these changes may impact their relationship.

I attended John F. Kennedy University's School of Holistic Studies graduate program and received my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Somatics (a body/spirit oriented approach to healing). Combining my new skills from my counseling psychology program, knowledge from additional trainings I attended, and my life and work experience, I began working as a psychotherapist. I have worked in agencies with individuals from diverse socio-economic, cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds who experienced difficulty in relationships, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress and depression. Many had experienced childhood abuse (emotional, physical, sexual), domestic violence, and rape. I also worked in a college setting, providing support for men and women coping with academic, work-related and personal stress. In private practice I continue to support individuals and couples (both straight and LGBTQ) in coping with a wide variety of issues.

From a place of non-judgment, empathy and compassion I strive to assist individuals and couples in remembering and connecting to their strengths and provide support to build strength in new areas.  Together we explore the issues that block you from living the life you want.  I believe that a caring, kind, non-judgmental presence provides a supportive space for healing to happen.


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