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Therapy For Anxiety and Panic Attacks

If you have experienced anxiety for most of your life, or perhaps, some event has caused anxiety or panic to surface and it's impacting your day to day living and relationships, I want you to know relief is possible.

I integrate somatic and mindfulness psychotherapy approaches in my work with those that struggle with anxiety. I support you in developing tools to cope with anxiety when it appears in your life and also help you get to the root of why you are experiencing anxiety.

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

~ Jack Kornfield

Many people suffer from anxiety.  If you struggle with anxiety it may be difficult to reach out for help.  You may have been experiencing anxiety or what feels like excessive worrying for a large part of your life or perhaps some life event has happened that shook you and you don’t feel the same.  Sometimes when anxiety has been part of our experience for a long time we have internalized the belief that being anxious (a worrier) is part of who we are and we lose hope that there is the possibility of living a life free from excessive levels of worry and/or panic. Frequently we negatively judge ourselves and fear being judged by others. 

My experience in working with individuals who struggle with anxiety is that there is the possibility of deep, lasting change.  Places where anxiety has negatively impacted your work, social interactions, relationships, sense of inner well-being and peace can shift and you can experience an increased level of self-esteem, confidence and calm.  


Worry, Anxiety And/Or Panic Attacks Can Result In:

  • Fear at the prospect of attending a social event, engaging with others in conversation

  • Difficulty in intimate relationships

  • Being afraid of not doing something “right”

  • Hesitancy to express your perspective in a work environment

  • Feeling paralyzed, fearful around work deadlines or having your work performance reviewed

  • Perfectionism

  • Hesitancy/shyness around being with others even though a part of you really wants connection

  • Feeling/thinking others are judging you

  • Negative judging of yourself (intense self-criticism)

  • Panic experiences where your chest/heart feels like it is pounding, you may feel frozen, your hands my feel cold or you may excessively sweat

  • ‘Worst case scenarios,' catastrophizing 

Therapy May Help You:

  • Increase your self-esteem

  • Feel more relaxed

  • Connect in social situations and feel calm

  • Be less critical and judgmental of yourself

  • Improve your ability to advocate for yourself in work situations

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • Experience some ease when engaging in conversations with a person you are interested in dating 

  • Develop a stronger ability to make friends or feel more comfortable around the friends you already have

  • Decrease your stress level 

  • Feel better in your body

  • Experience more joy in your life


How do I help you with your anxiety and/or panic?

I use different methods that I have found effective in helping bring relief and change.  My focus is on teaching you techniques that help bring relief to current symptoms of anxiety/worry while also exploring what the roots are of your anxiety and bringing healing to those places.  I have found that our feelings contain wisdom and I help you uncover the wisdom within you.  Your anxiety may be calling your attention to places in you life where there is old wounding, where you have internalized negative beliefs about yourself, relationships with others and the world.  While those beliefs may have made sense at a younger age while you were trying to cope with whatever was going on in your life, they may now be blocking you from living your life fully. 

My style is sensitive, compassionate and non-judgmental and my approach is holistic and draws from somatic (body-oriented - anxiety is a physical as well as emotional and psychological experience), transpersonal, cognitive behavioral and sometimes EMDR approaches.  I work with you to find the best method(s) to help you improve the quality of your life. 


Please call Edna for more info: 510-459-3372

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